January 2, 2019

Eclectic stories of selfhood

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We constitue our lives around narratives to make ourselves and our surroundings understandable. The idea that A is followed by B makes it possible for us to navigate and predict forthcoming situations. Categorising and constituting linear perspectives is comfort, but inevitably results in exclusion.

What not to like. What not to do. Who not to be.

In reality, life is not streamlined, but pluralistic and often contradicting. By not placing impressions and expressions within a framework, we increase our choices. Freedom is in the paradox.

9.00 AM
Nora wearing Jones Gold Dust

11.00 AM
Nora wearing Elton Satin Silver

5.00 PM
Nora wearing Donna Sugar Man

1.00 PM
Nora wearing Neil Satin Silver

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