February 22, 2019

Outsiders Division – Ocasiones Especiales

Inspired by joy, punk, graffiti and cinema

Photos Stephen Tayo

Styling Rebeca Sueiro

Makeup & Hair Itziar Nzang

Founded in 2012 by David Méndez Alonso, OUTSIDERS DIVISION started off as an accessorize project. With the arrival of Alberto Perancho and Ales Gallifa in 2017 the brand developed into a manifesto exploring fashion and art. Inspired by joy, punk, graffiti and cinema, the collections discusses contradictory concepts reflecting eclecticism and freedom.

“Ocasiones Especiales talks about the freedom of choice, it re-define the concepts behind elegance and makes tribute to all the teenagers looking for the best appearance and their body conquest. We travelled to Lagos to embrace the madness and daily photos of Stephen, and because our brand is worldwide we always try to image how this Outsiders would look like in miles of kilometers away.”