April 11, 2019

Ivania Carpio

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Instagram love_aesthetics

Ivania Carpio is a dutch blogger, art director and co founder of the homeware brand Aetelier.

What is the potential of art?

Art can bring deeper levels of meaning to life.

What do you do when you feel lonely?

Smoke some ganja and go to a really busy yoga class.

What is good style?

I think it is a lot about the way you wear things. There is a homeless man in my former hometown who is probably the most stylish person on the planet. He wears oversized suits with exaggerated shoulders and rolled up sleeves, slicks back his shiny black hair, pairs it with worn down sandals and two different socks. But it is in the careful way he tucks or untucks his shirt, leaves a button open very purposefully to show off some beads around his neck. He also walks in a way that I have only seen on 1980s runway footage, big shoulder movements and one hand in his pocket to keep his blazer open. It makes you think that he’s wearing head to toe Yamamoto. I think style is about the whole way of carrying yourself and express who you are by it. And you don’t really need stuff for it, it can just be the way you walk.

Share a childhood memory

I grew up in Costa Rica and remember cutting my hair really really short when I was about nine or ten. Gender roles were quite traditional in Latin America, for example boys were expelled from school if they grew their hair longer than a certain length. Having short hair meant that adults always thought I was a boy. I remember a lot of “No, I’m a girl” moments. Funnily it never made me insecure, I just thought that grown ups were incredibly clueless.