April 15, 2019

I Have Grown Taller from Standing with Trees

Claudia Comte at Copenhagen Contemporary

Words Johanne Björklund Larsen

Claudia Comte’s exhibition I Have Grown Taller at Copenhagen Contemporary, derives from her interest in forestry and bio-diversity, using 3D prototyping, sculpture and sound. Located in CC’s biggest hall, large spruce trees are positioned along a digitally printed carpet, surrounding a large ceramic sculpture in the centre and set to a soundscape composed by Egon Elliut. It is a totalising experience explored through sounds, light and scent, stimulating memories of walking through a peaceful forest. The installation emphasises our role in a greater system, where every detail serves a vital function. It is a testament to the full power of nature, yet a reminder of it’s fragility and the damage we are inflicting upon it.

Press photos courtesy of Copenhagen Contemporary (CC)