December 15, 2019


A new book from Nuda

The new issue of Nuda is titled Mother and consists of three chapters; Motherhood, Mother Earth and Motherland. It contains an eclectic mix of contributors and thoughts spanning from the most personal and small ideas to complex thesis and general statements, all connecting in one way or another to the chapter titles. Our will was to create a book that would mirror our own, often scattered and paradoxical, ideas about life – to give room for contradictions.

Our initial interest in making a book called Mother was quite personal. We’re all young females at an age where having kids suddenly could become reality. You start noticing friends around you settling down and creating families, which makes you think about what being a mother really means. In a way, we all relate to the mother in one way or another. Either by being one, having one or having the capacity to become one. In that sense, she has a relationship to all of us.

We got very interested in all the ideas that surround the Mother as an icon who has all these contradicting traits tied to her. She could be seen as the beginning and producer of life or a caregiver who’s essence is strongly tied to general presumptions about women. She could be said to represent both strength and weakness, which made us interested in investigating ideas that relate to her or the term more generally. Creating three chapters, one relating more strongly to ideas about motherhood and two more connecting more to the notion of it, came from our aim to further reflect on how the idea about the mother reoccurs in different contexts and discourses in the world. For example, how does the gendering of the earth impact how we see it or how is the term motherland connected to a sense of home, displacement or diaspora?

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Carsten Höller
Chloe Wise
Carin Rodebjer
Ebba Witt-Brattström
Liv Strömqvist
Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli
Andreas Eriksson
Vera Vitali
Landon Metz
Amie Bramme Sey
Anna Björklund
Märta Thisner
Davey Adesida
Burcu Sahin
Frida Gustavsson
Ylva Snöfrid
David Zilber
Daniel Birnbaum
Hanna Hansdotter
Sara Arrhenius
Maryam Keyhani
Ari King
Alexandra Karpilovski
Theresa Traore Dahlberg
Ashik och Koshik Zaman
Timimie Märak
Eva Lange
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