February 17, 2021

Emotional Landscape


Emotional Landscape is a coupling of object and feeling. Things that surround us affect us. When we fill our objects with memory and meaning, they also reflect our experiences and innermost thoughts back to us. The philosophy of Emotional Landscape is to capture this constant circle and give it material form. It is a creative collaboration and a platform for exploration founded by Alice Shulman, Elinor Nystedt and Margareta Wingårdh.
Glass is fragile, yet sharp, architectural and organic. It is one of humanity’s oldest materials, both protective and revealing, closely connected with our cultural development. This duality drives the first project of Emotional Landscape, by rediscovering our relationship with glass.
Alice is a designer, trained in fashion. Her relationship to glass reaches as far back as she can remember, particularly the fascination for how this distilled form of immediate design can create a type of magic frozen in time. In the Emotional Landscape glass project, the goal for Alice has been to approach glass the way she approaches textiles, by cutting and distorting the material and letting it solidify into ephemeral form. Her partner Eino Makele is born 1949 and has been a glassmith since the age of 15.