Founded in 2016, Nuda is our response to the need of having a space where we felt encouraged to express ourselves without interruption. Nuda aims to showcase creative expressions which we find thought-provoking as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our intension is to discuss the human condition in a way that is both inclusive but also dares to be challenging. We are not rigid; we are here to give our consent to complexity. We will never claim to have the answers, on the contrary, we want to ask the questions.


Based in Stockholm, Nuda exists in three different forms that constantly inform each other: a printed magazine, a physical space and the website you are currently visiting.



Frida Vega Salomonsson

Art Editor

Nora Hagdahl

Assistant Art Editor

Annie Jensen

Art Director

Minda Jalling

Web Editor

Tea Falk

Editorial Assistant

Thea Nelander


Linnea Bake


Rasmus Rosquist


Johanne Björklund Larsen