Curious Monika Hey we designed a collection
I wanted to have fun but it was never a party Installation by Gabriel Hafner at Nuda Gallery
NYC release for In the Clouds <3
Akashic Chronicle: Chapter 3. Inre bilder Exhibition at Nuda Gallery
PUMA Mostro dinner at Nuda Gallery
Jon Rafman’s paranoid pandemoniums Delve into a place where fantasies seem to have run amok
60th Venice Biennale Linnéa Bake embarked on a journey to Venice, joining the frantic rush that is the preview of the 60th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
Opening: Regenesis Images from the opening
Regenesis – Fabian Bergmark Näsman Exhibition at Nuda Gallery
Sofie Royer at Nuda Images from the concert
A studio visit with Fredrik Paulsen In collaboration with Dr. Martens
Elle is unbelievable In collaboration with Dr. Martens
Opening: Chapter 2. Immanent Energy Images from the opening
Akashic Chronicle: Chapter 2. Immanent Energy Exhibition at Nuda Gallery
Playing with words Linnéa Bake on OMSK Social Club’s Participatory Tour into T(( ))mb at Mudam Luxembourg
Opening: Chapter 1. Macadam Images from the opening
Absence of myth …may be the last one still standing
Akashic Chronicle: Chapter 1. Macadam Exhibition at Nuda Gallery
Steve Aoki In Las Vegas with DJ Steve Aoki and an enchanted white horse
My boss thinks I’m smart (I’m not) by Martin Luuk
Carole Baskin The Tiger Queen
Saga party release party in Stockholm
Suck me, I’m famous Samuel Staples curated selection of vampire films
Once upon ever after… with Hampus Wernemyr
Nuda at Voo Images from the opening
Henrik Brändén Reflection 1: Ghost in the Machine?
Nuda:Saga Berlin release   Once upon ever after… 
Stockholm dinner Bitches and witches celebrating Saga
Noomi Rapace and Sjón On the animal in all of us
Emil Cioran Meets Happy Clown Notes on Rotting in the Sun (2023) by Daniel Moldoveanu
Returning to society through English Some words by Ludvig Köhler; does rejection of the English language make you an incel?
Saga Explore our new issue
Ateljébesök #1 with Caspar Forsberg by Axel Petersén
Lykke Li On mezcal, mushrooms and love
In the Clouds with Arvida Byström, order here <3
Opening next week! More information here!
Hot/Not according to Nuda
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★ Tao Lin ★ Thoughts on curing your autoimmune disease…
Lexie Smith Domesticating us
Annabelle Agbo Godeau A series of cinematic paintings
Jeremy Shaw On the limitations of language, and the limitless lust for what lies beyond
✿ Roy Scranton ✿ Which history? Whose? To whom? When? And what do you mean by “mean”?
Roy Andersson A visit to Studio 24 and a text with and about the grey master
Anna Björklund The stars didn’t sell out, the world sold out to them. 
Patrick Belaga An excerpt of a schizophrenic woman
Jeppe Hein Letting Go of The Ego
Frans de Waal Monkeys and decoding morality
★ Master exhibition ★ Some highlights from the Swedish Royal Academy of Art’s master exhibition…
Olafur Eliasson You Are A Thing
David Shrigley & the truth of the peach
Esben Weile Kjær The art world as spectacle
Christer Fuglesang The future of humanity, space tourism, and approaching an interplanetary economy
Some art Four artworks to make you feel again!
Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole Honest Portraits and A Body of Work – Masks
Hot/Not according to Natasha Stagg Horseshoe theory is only out because it’s dated — are we all really just points on a matrix?
Takuro Kuwata A studio visit, Toki, Japan
Rirkrit Tiravanija To create outside of Capitalism, in conversation with Linnéa Bake
Tosh Basco In conversation with Sophia Al Maria
Rebecca Black On growing up with —  and growing out of —  “Friday”
Lizardman Life lessons from Uncle Lizardman
Seungjin Yang A studio visit
Nuda Housewarming A little party
Newsletter #2 A cultural newsletter with Anna Gunvor & Emma Veronica
★ Personality Test ★ Who do you think you are?
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ Molly’s Web ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Molly Sodas internet guide
Zara Larsson A conversation with the popstar and the girl beneat
Ecco2k In conversation with his dad
Michael Fink Dream figures and landscapes
Martin Hägglund Why Mortality Makes Us Free
Johnny Johansson A visit to Acne Studios HQ
Tactics of Augmented Dreams An interview with curator Guillaume Désanges
Zhala @ Nuda Powered by adidas originals
Zhala Artist, STHLM
Nuda in Venice Il Gazzettino, Venice Biennale
Caterina’s Lament A performance by Hannes Ferm at Folkoperan in Stockholm
Johan Rockström & Vandana Shiva A conversation on the future of the Earth
DJ Haydn Artist and DJ, STHLM
Fatima Fransson Set designer and furniture maker, CPH
Ego Dinner at Savoj, Stockholm
Baba Stiltz Baba Stiltz in conversation with Natasha Stagg
Ego Release Berlin at VooStore, Berlin
Ego Release Sthlm at GSB, Stockholm
Nuda: Terra An exploration of our common space, nature and Earth.
George Rouy A visit to the dream realm of George Rouy’s hazy paintings.
Frederik Bille Brahe Family dinner in Copenhagen
Max Lamb A studio visit, London
Tiger of Sweden Coat Brannon + Sweater Puck
Hilma af Klint A conversation between Cecilia Edefalk and Hilma af Klint