Frederik Bille Brahe

Family dinner in Copenhagen

Frederik, Caroline, Sonya, Axel + their border collie Skat

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A family meal is like river rafting. It’s like going down a raging river; chaotic, stressful, and messy. 

We love to cook mushroom broth at home – something that is nursing and also comforting – especially in the winter when our flat is cold – small feet running around without socks loves a comforting cup of broth. 

What do you need
1 kg button mushrooms 

How to
Wash the mushrooms under running water to make sure that there is no dirt left. When they have soaked a little transfer them into an appropriate-sized pot. Now crush and break the mushrooms with your hands. The finer the better – It should take a few minutes to do it thoroughly. Now, enclose the pot with cling wrap and place a lid onto the seal to detain the steam while brewing. Continue by transferring the pot to a heated stove – start medium-high and when firmly heated and boiling, turn the heat down. Let the broth cook on low heat for 3-6 hours depending on how much time you have. 

After cooking, remove the lid and the film. You should now be left with a dark brew in your pot. Pass the bouillion through a fine mesh into a container. The liquid should be dark and brown. Since the crushed mushrooms hold a lot of liquid, press them a little to extract the rest of the juice. Discard the mushrooms. Season the broth slightly with light soy sauce to adjust the salt balance. 

Reheat the broth and serve it straight away.

Creativity comes from every day, from everything. My food is not fine dining. It is just food. It’s about a fundamental need, super simple combinations that are just delicious.

This is what we eat most of the time. It’s basically just like beans with bean water, parmesan, and olive oil. And then there’s like a little bit of salsa verde on top.

My daughter gets really excited when she eats a fried egg, just because it tastes so fucking good. Kids are like blank canvases and that’s what’s so extremely interesting about feeding them things they have never eaten before. So when they taste, they actually taste with the whole spectrum. What my daughter expresses is sheer excitement of life, tasting and experiencing.

People have this idea that life is perfect, there’s this romantic vibe of the whole family sitting down together. The reality is that you get two minutes to eat while food is flying around the table.

PhotographyRasmus Weng Karlsen