Nuda:Saga Berlin release  

Once upon ever after… 

In conjunction with the release of Nuda’s latest Saga issue, we proudly present the exhibition Once upon ever after… with Hampus Wernemyr. For the release/opening on the 26th of October 7-10 PM at VooSpace, Baba Stiltz will do a live performance. 

The exhibition is open 27-28th of October 11 AM – 19 PM.

RVSP for the release/opening here

Looking at a painting by Wernemyr is like putting your eye against a peep-hole to another world; it’s a void occupied by creatures of the night. As the sun sets the boundaries between imagination and reality blur – the night becomes a canvas upon which myriad stories are painted. Clowns, trolls, leprechauns and acrobats clash and collide in a chaotic dance, yet insight into what unfolds on the other side is restricted to small fragments. From our world, we see only tightly framed snapshots captured within the whirlwind of motion. By virtue of what they omit, Wernemyr’s paintings make wonder, forcing the viewer to engage their own imagination. Like the title suggests, it’s a fairy-tale beginning and ending within the same moment. This is the artist’s first solo in Berlin.

Nuda’s 6th issue Saga escapes the harsh reality of the current to delve into fantasy. As reality become increasingly gray and marked by conflict and destruction, we yearn for an illusory existence in which we’re not already fucked. Saga examines the appeal, potential and downsides of the fictitious alongside today’s most exciting artists, photographers, researchers and cultural journalists.