350 kr


223 pages

4 different dust covers: Ecco2K, Mountain, Baba or Sun
Cover made of beige fabric and embossed white foil
Independent print

Important information
Terra comes in four different dust jackets, cover images. A particular cover can’t be specified for order, but you can state your cover preference in the order notes at checkout and, if available, we will send that one.

Nuda is a theme based publication, investigating a field through visual culture and science. This issue is titled Terra, an exploration of our common space, nature and Earth. Terra focuses on the materiality of soil, our relationship with nature, and where humans intertwine with the wild.


Olafur Eliasson
Noomi Rapace 
Steve Angello 
Carole Baskin 
Rirkrit Tiravanija 
Takuro Kuwata
Zak Arogundade (Ecco2K) 
Baba Stiltz
Steven Pinker 
Johan Rockström 
Vandana Shiva
Roy Scranton
Lexie Smith
Frans de Waal