Once upon ever after…

with Hampus Wernemyr

In conjunction with the release of Nuda’s latest Saga issue, we proudly present the exhibition Once upon ever after… with Hampus Wernemyr. You can find all images from the opening party here.

Looking at a painting by Wernemyr is like putting your eye against a peep-hole to another world; it’s a void occupied by creatures of the night. As the sun sets the boundaries between imagination and reality blur – the night becomes a canvas upon which myriad stories are painted. Clowns, trolls, leprechauns and acrobats clash and collide in a chaotic dance, yet insight into what unfolds on the other side is restricted to small fragments. From our world, we see only tightly framed snapshots captured within the whirlwind of motion. By virtue of what they omit, Wernemyr’s paintings make wonder, forcing the viewer to engage their own imagination. Like the title suggests, it’s a fairy-tale beginning and ending within the same moment. This is the artist’s first solo in Berlin.

Fever, 2022
Acrobatics, Dirty Yellow, 2023
Acrobatics, 2023
Altered State, 2022
Triple Time by Night, 2022
Extension, 2023
Blue Light, 2023
Relief, 2023
Soft Brush, 2022
Vibrato, 2023
Triple Time by Night, 2022
Fever, 2022
Emotional Cue 3, 2023
Misfit, 2020