★ Master exhibition ★

Some highlights from the Swedish Royal Academy of Art’s master exhibition…

Erik Thörnqvist
Wasn’t it nice how so many works at the graduation show had left the picture plane and stepped out in the room? Erik’s sculptures most definitely illustrate this move with objects literally coming to life. It’s a walking chair or warped space, telling of the underlying magic surrounding the seemingly dead world of matter. Erik – the magician – casts the “beauty and the beast” spell that awakens the unliving.

Aron Agélii
By the end of Buffy I was team Spike, this reminds me of him and how he died for all of us.

Linnéa Ndangoya Palmcrantz
It’s not that we have some kind of obsession with bodies, or do we? We don’t seem to be the only people drawn to understanding when the body turns on itself, or when that which is supposed to protect us, hurts us. In a laboratory installation, Linnéa depicts our wants and needs to control tissue.

Aex Valijani
Umeå hardcore.

Django Giambanco
This is how I imagine the remains of the physical place you’re lying in while dreaming bad, bad dreams. By distorting the logic of the familiar, the objects animate a stage between sleeping and being awake.